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NEOwomen's 3-Part Reconnection Series

Saturday, July 20 - 9:30 AM

NEOwomen welcomes you to join a 3-part Reconnection Series: "The Beauty of an Uncluttered Soul" by Carla Gasser, drawing from healthy, biblical principles of soul care and minimalism, Carla walks you through eliminating clutter within. Next up: "Explore Your Spiritual Gifts" and "Using Your God Given Gifts" by NEOwomen, Mishalene Wasmer & Kelly Milliron.

In the first series, Carla will help you to purge your past, shake out worry, open your heart, cleanse your mind and declutter your attitude! NEOwomen will then help you explore what spiritual and artistic gifts God has blessed you with, lead by NEOwomen team members. Both of these sessions you will be taking home a gift of love to keep or share! 

Join us for one or all sessions! CLICK HERE

Session 1: July 20th - The Beauty of an Uncluttered Soul by Carla Gasser

Session 2: Sept 21st - Explore Your Spiritual Gifts & Create a Gift of Love by NEOwomen & Mishalene Wasmer

Session 3: Nov 9th - Using Your God Given Gifts Artistically by NEOwomen & Kelly Milliron, Watercolor Artist

Akronym Public House will have the restaurant open and food available to order at the end of the session, but in order to help staffing, we would like you to pre-register if you plan to stay and join us for lunch. 


Akronym Public House Medina, 44256


5121 Buehlers Drive
Medina, OH 44256
Event Type
Lecture / Workshop



Date / Time

Saturday, July 20, 2024
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM


Mishalene Wasmer
(615) 238-4532
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